Become an Official


Why Become a Lacrosse Official?
If you love the game of Lacrosse, being a Lacrosse official is a great way to stay in the game. You need not be an ex-player or coach to become a great official and have a memorable officiating career. Working around student-athletes at all levels of lacrosse is gratifying, plus you will develop life-long friendships with other officials who share your passion for the game.

Prior officiating experience is good but not required. Our training program will prepare you for an enjoyable and successful officiating career. Officiating lacrosse is also a great way to get and stay in shape, be a positive role model to student-athletes, retain your competitive edge and earn additional income.

How do I Become a Lacrosse Official in Northern Nevada?
If you would like to join our association and be eligible to officiate lacrosse at the high school and youth levels, as well as learn the craft to be eligible to qualify for college-level and beyond, the first step is to provide your contact information at the bottom of this page. Our lacrosse year begins in the spring with organizational meetings and training during the winter months. You will be contacted with our schedule as soon as it becomes available. We will also give you information on obtaining a uniform and equipment. There is a nominal membership dues payment which covers the cost of the training program and materials which will be provided to you. You do need to join USA Lacrosse as an official if not already a member. Go to and click on the “JOIN/RENEW NOW” button on the page. When given the choice, request a NFHS rule book. The cost of membership is $35 or $60 which provides you the current rule book, access to on-line training materials, other membership benefits and mandatory insurance coverage.

What training will I receive?
The Northern Nevada Lacrosse Officials Association (NNLOA) is affiliated with US Lacrosse, which sponsors the game of lacrosse at all levels in the United States. We provide a training program for new and returning members in classroom and on-field settings. You will be provided the training that certifies you for Level 1 and Level 2 certification, which qualifies you to officiate youth and high school level games. You will need to take and pass the USA Lacrosse on-line rules certification test and we provide assistance in rules learning and knowledge. Our training includes not just rules knowledge, but the techniques and positioning, called “mechanics”, to properly see and control the game and work with the other official(s) on the field. We officiate games with either two or three officials per game and you will be provided with the mechanics differences to enable you to properly cover the game. We will provide you with all the skills, you bring your love of the game, to officiate lacrosse. All you need to bring with you is your love of the game, your professionalism and enthusiasm, and a desire to achieve excellence by being an integral part of the game of lacrosse and promoting fairness, safety and sportsmanship in amateur athletics.

What is the time commitment that I must make to be an official?
As a new official, you will be expected to attend the four or five preseason membership meetings and the one or two membership meetings during the high school season as well as at least two classroom instructional sessions and at least one on-field training session. This schedule will be announced around the end of the calendar year. Membership meetings are held on weeknights lasting an hour or two, the classroom training is held on Saturday lasting four to six hours and the on-field training is scheduled in conjunction with the teams and league. Game assignments are based on your ability and skill and are made at the beginning of the season for the first half and a second assignment period for the second half of the high school season. Youth games are assigned as the NNLOA is provided that schedule. The more availability you have, the greater the opportunity to be assigned to games and work with other experienced officials.

What are the costs involved in officiating lacrosse?
Your uniform and equipment is similar to that for football and is available from several sources. NNLOA membership dues are $35 (this is waived for new first-year officials and Junior officials) for returning officials and the USA Lacrosse membership is $35 or $60 annually. Remember, however, that your uniform and equipment will last many seasons as well as the training materials that are supplied. We offer assistance with equipment and uniform costs and will provide you with several officials supply outfits so that you may purchase your uniform and equipment and accommodations can be made for those in financial need. Financial assistance may be available, please contact us to discuss options.

What else do I need?
NOTHING – just your interest, desire and commitment to continue to participate in the oldest sport played in North America, “the fastest game on two feet”, the fastest growing sport in the US and the most fun and excitement you would ever want.

Please contact the NNLOA for more information:

Send an email to and include your name, email, and a contact phone number letting us know you are interested. We will respond with details on how to become an official.